Jessica Lynn Veilleux



I’m Jessica and I teach. That’s who I am and that’s what I excel at.


My greatest talents are those that help others become more organized and purpose driven. I have a knack for tweaking existing systems and making them more efficient. I possess the gift of teaching in a way that is simple to understand and pushes people to question how they think and operate. I’m a great motivator and fire lighter!


I started this blog because I want to support you in creating order in a world that can be chaotic and stressful. I want you to realize how capable you are. You and me…we can change this world one small fire of desire at a time.  It all starts with you.


You should bring the truest version of yourself to the world’s table. That is how you’ll experience your highest joy. That is the version of you the planet deserves.

I want you to feel healthy, strong, and sexy. That’s foxy! Our tribe of Vixens feels good in their bodies. Let’s explore new ways to accomplish this and bring back the secrets of our ancestors to feel sexy and move lithely in our bodies.

💚Join me in remodeling your life.


💚Join me in taking back your health.


💚Join me in my quest to rear the next generation of game changers.


💚Join me in sparking the desire for a new world in which all people coexist in kindness, tolerance, abundance, and love.

🔥Let’s go light some fires!🔥