Do No Harm, But Take No Shit ~ Surging Into Taurus Territory

Huge, huge, huge shift of gears here this week folks!

After several months of all planets direct, literally forcing us to examine what is working in our lives and what is not; what we want more of and what we want less of; then figuring who we want to be in the world and who we don’t…we get to shift focus for a while.

Taurus season is going to say, “Hi” to all of the decisions we’ve made and sidle up to them.  Like, really, really get all cozied up for some intimate conversations.

With so much movement into Taurus right now we will be getting to know and getting used to working with our new Ego consciousness.  It’s time to try this Ego on for size and start strutting about in it to see how it LOOKS.

We are going to get comfortable with it and figure out how to derive our new control mechanisms from it.

Remember, Taurus is slow and steady.  There’s no need to rush anything right now.  Small steps forward are still progress.

To understand the process better, let’s take a look at what Chiron is up to.

Chiron just entered Aries on April 17, 2018.  We finally get out of the realm of healing the inner self and figuring out things on the inside after years of Chiron languishing in Pisces picking off nasty scabs and asking our skeletons out to play.

(Collective rejoices!)

With Chiron in Aries, the focus shifts to the external world.  What do we want to DO with all of this information we’ve been gathering?  What do we want to erect?  Who do we want to present ourselves as?  How do we want to interact with other people now that we’ve made some huge Ego shifts?  What’s our point of no return?  What do we stand for?  What won’t we stand for any longer (especially on a much grander scale)?  Who is upholding our new values?  How can we evolve to negotiate win-win scenarios?

Chiron is going to charge forward with these questions for many weeks…let’s call this trial and error phase.

It goes into retrograde on July 5, 2017…let’s call this editing phase.

After trying the new posture on for size, seeing how it looks, finding out if it garners you any side glances or compliments we go back and tailor it to fit better.  We’ll get several weeks to make adjustments until Chiron decides to back the truck up all the way back into Pisces.

Jiminy Christmas!  Back to Chiron in Pisces again!?  (Collective lets out an enormous groan.)

Hold up!  This time around we get to step back, admire our handy work and see how it FEELS.  Are we in alignment?  Does the person we have grown to be on the inside reflect that of the outside?  Is everything going according to plan or have you gotten off track somewhere along the line?  You’ve got almost three full months here to examine what’s working and what’s not.  We aren’t going back into the deep, dark work of full blown Chiron in Pisces…just dipping in briefly to cool off and regroup.

Finally, on December 9, 2018 Chiron goes direct again…let’s call this application phase.

There should be some real implementation of all the rethinking you’ve been afforded.

By the time Chiron hits Aries again February 18, 2019 we should have a new level of confidence about our posture and branding in the world…let’s call this launching phase.

So there you go, your next year of energetically figuring out and befriending the new Ego in a nutshell.

Go easy on yourself!

Though this is actual work, Taurus season is here to remind us how to live it up again and chill.  Don’t forget to ground down in the luxuries of life and appreciate just how far you’ve come, the positive changes you’re making, and the true treasures all around you.  Do not hesitate to cut out and shut off when you feel overwhelmed.  The world will not end if you need to defrag.

Life has been ultra serious for far too long!  Taurus is here to tell us that we can finally bask in the Sun…Ferdinand style!



Heck, Ferdinand should be our poster boy for Taurus season 2018!  He’s such a great mascot fo this stretch of time around the zodiac because he knows his Truth and is in sync with the mantra I’m espousing right now of “Doing no harm, but taking no shit!”

Commit to the work, put your nose to the grindstone, but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses…


Here’s your Taurus season spread to check in with what you need to know for yourself right now:



The accompanying instructions:



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