Fielding Fear


{Fuck Everything And Run} or {Face Everything And Rise}


These trendy acronyms pepper the Internet everywhere.

They are two polar extremes of how to react when confronting a FEAR.  They both leave out some fundamental processing that is a necessity for moving through FEAR in a healthy manner in the in-between gray zone.

Obviously, if a bear is chasing you, the knee-jerk reaction is to Fuck Everything And Run.

Obviously, if someone is attacking you, you Face Everything And Rise.

But just how do you navigate the middle ground and why is this so important with the current energies affecting us?


I SENSE deep-rooted FEARS are being revealed now to be killed off.  A brilliant astrologer I listen to concurred and noted that this was a swift mercy kill…think lion vs. zebra…no flailing and misery through the process.  Just identification, decision, and death.

Lightwalkers/Lightworkers/Lightwarriors- especially are being purged of deeply buried, toxic FEARS based in old karma and most likely are feeling like they are going through the wringer.


My guides want to speak through me to advise this is the blessing of this week.  Blocks, FEARS, negativity, betrayal…are all coming out.  Don’t be surprised when some really old or surprising stuff comes up for dealing with.

Allow, don’t resist.  All low vibration energies residing in a denser dimension are being cleared and transmuted.  Light codes/surges are assisting in breaking free from uncertainty, destructive thoughts, isolation, and all emotions preventing the soul from progressing.  Emotional blockages and powerlessness are being vanquished by these potent energies.  My guides suggest a focus on chakra balancing and healing, especially the solar plexus.  I feel this is because when we are in FEAR our stomach drops.  So much FEAR is experienced in the solar plexus.

When FEARS present (pay attention to dreams this week, many of my own FEARS are processing through dream time) the very first thing is to acknowledge them.  So often we do the opposite, ignore or bury them in our subconscious.  What we resist persists.  Next, you must identify if the are just FEAR {False Evidence Appearing Real} or are justified {Face Everything And Release}.  If they have no basis in reality, you MUST dismiss them.  If they have legitimacy you must deal with them right away (mercy kill).

I have come to understand the process of FEAR resolution as follows:  Choice-Decision-Commitment-Dedication


We sit at º0 Leo until evening (EST).  Zero is a placeholder in every mathematical system.  It means everything and nothing.  Leo = 1 = Love/Integrity Consciousness, our souls are “reborn” yearly at this point.  There are three decans of each zodiac sign (state of consciousness) broken up into 10 degrees each.  0-9 is beginner, 10-19 is intermediate, and 20-29 is mastery.

In the first decan we choose.  We are presented with the issue and must make a choice.  Choosing mostly involves ferreting out what we no longer want, wish to deal with, or allow in our lives.  These are mostly negatives…what we can’t stand for any longer.

So, knowing that zero is a placeholder I see each degree of the first dean needing to be written as follows: 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, and 09.  Zero = Protection  We work at protecting ourselves during the first decan.

By the time we hit steps 10-19 we come to a decision.  Decision is the death of FEAR.  This is where we decide want we will stand for and what we want instead. The one in every teen number is a focus…where we will love ourselves.

In the mastery steps 20-29 we form a commitment…a vow that we pledge to uphold for ourselves.  2 equates to feeling.  You gotta feel, that’s what’s at the essence of a commitment.

By the time the Sun is done transiting a zodiac sign you should arrive at a dedication.  What’s the difference between a commitment and a dedication?  A dedication doesn’t require attention to uphold.  It’s as natural as brushing your teeth because it has become a habit.  In essence, that is what you’ve accomplished working through a state of consciousness.  All habits, attitudes, and personalities are, is a repetition of patterns.  We BE(come) what we feel and think repeatedly.  If we constantly feed all of our energy to FEAR and dense vibrations, we get more of that.  If we constantly feed all of our energy to LOVE (the antithesis of fear), we get more of that.

We are working to dissolve duplicity at this time.  FEAR drives humanity apart.  LOVE weaves it together.

FEAR is the propaganda machine driving those who don’t question to follow blindly.  FEAR is a control tool.  When you remove FEAR you eliminate anyone or anything controlling you.

Question everything!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE question what I espouse!

Come to your own conclusions!

Sovereignty mandates free-will, FEAR facing, and Truth as it’s bedrock.

Lion season is grooming for our life work.  To come more fully into ourselves.  To embody our Truth.

To actuate our power for the light.

Which LION do you feed?


Come tell me what FEARS you are facing down over on Instagram.



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