New Moon in Aries ~ Massive Commitment


Lately, I’ve really come to relish the satisfaction of completion, of a job well done, and the sense of accomplishment at having something to show for it instead of throwing in the towel when times get tough.

I’m not a pansy or a quitter…anymore

If the Universe could express itself to us, it’d be wearing a giant shit grin right now.  Way to go U, U did it!…(Glances over all of it’s woke the heck up little lightworkers and high fives itself.)

What, do you ask has the Universe accomplished?  I’d say preparing the collective for some pretty massive stuff coming in during 2019 and 2020.

Since the Mayan Shift of 2012, we have been under constant revision.  I liken this to the Three Little Pigs story. (Donald Trump makes a great Big Bad Wolf.  Hey douche, you need congressional approval before bombing shit.  He and his cronies are why fortifying our personal houses will become so important.  This is One World Order level stuff blowing in.  You better be quaking in your little piggy pants.)

We had our house of straw blown down.  Next came our house of sticks.  Since about 2015 we’ve been nudged to rethink all of this shoddy construction business and do it right this time.  No more half-assing!  For the past two years we’ve been laying the foundation for strength and sovereignty, lessons earned by forging through fire.  Chiron in Pisces has been all about surrendering to the wounded healer, aka the collective dark night of the soul.  Chiron has been kind of a prick if you haven’t gathered, picking at every wound possible and opening them up to be fixed properly once and for all.  Thanks a bunch Chiron!  But seriously Chiron, who would want to go back to that 2012 version of our Ego consciousness?  Not I!

Chiron is about to leave Pisces this week and kick it in Aries for eight long years.  This is especially potent for people born from 1968 – 1977 as they get to go through their Chiron return (Way to deal with your karmic skeletons guys!  Can you say redemption?).  Get ready for the “me generation” part deux, a la the early 1970’s.  The focus then, as now, turned toward discovering the self, asserting the self, and gratifying the self.  At the root of Aries is the idea of beingness….the I AM…self-identity.  The focus with Chiron in Aries centers on overcoming any obstacles leading to self-fulfilment. (Interesting how Chiron spends the greatest amount of time, here, isn’t it?)  What’s great about now versus then though is the level of awakening that has been occuring.  I’d like to think this go around we are going about this a lot more altruistically.  Putting on your own oxygen mask SHOULD prepare you to help others right?

So back to this New Moon in Aries….

We’ve got the ram of the zodiac basically headbutting our fledgling Egos we’ve been ever so tenderly nurturing out into the big, wide world stark naked!  Damn, that’s way scarier than those dreams of being caught nude in front of a crowd because this, is real life baby.  We’re being asked to make a massive commitment and take these up-cycled Egos of ours and DO SOMETHING BIG with them.  Talk about a test of spiritual faith!

But do what?  Hopefully the last week has coalesced that knowledge in your mind because now we’re being told to erect.  Foundation’s set, time to construct the infrastructure.

But I don’t want to you whine….

I can’t you snivel…

I’m just imagining Chiron sneering.  If he hasn’t already slapped you upside your buffoon head he’d snap….”Da fudge you say puss?  Uranus just gave you everything on a golden platter and you’re hesitating?  Take it or leave it, but it’s your loss, because it ain’t coming around this good again.”  Foolio…

The mopey depression, sleepy low-level energy, uncertainty of questioning if this new life is right for you, and general fogginess of the past few weeks during the course of Mercury retrograde was your time to get it out of your system.  You can’t bullshit yourself anymore!  Are you blazing forward or are you blazing forward?  Trust me, you don’t want another round on that merry-go-round.

So dust off those creaky old parts of you that you thought you’d never need again, introduce them to your shiny new Ego, and let’s get to the business of fixing this shit show with your new innovative character!  Ka ching!

Yay you!  (High five the Universe!)

To help you move past the super sensitive Pisces on top of Neptune, Chiron at the 29th degree, Mercury retrograde sandpit, I proffer up an actuation tarot spread to assist you in moving through this transition with grace and certainty.  Voila and de rien…


Here are the prompts related to the numbers:


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