Full Moon in Virgo Actuation Tarot

March 01, 2018


This evening at 19:51 EST, the Moon in Virgo reaches completeness.  Standing across the sky from Neptune in supreme harmony with Saturn, it will bring up a stirring of desire in our soul, mental clarity, and luck (in healing).  The positioning of Saturn will fill us with a sense of stability and a knowing of how to reach our goals.  The outcomes that occur in this window surrounding the Full Moon will be lasting and will benefit our lives for a long time.  However, be prepared to face some disappointments in the process as we are needing to shed much at this time.  Some of the elements of our lives that need to be shed are comfortable and familiar and may not leave without a little bit of kicking and screaming!


Here Comes Something Better!  Here We Go!


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This Full Moon in Virgo centers on shedding karma.  Karma, in a nutshell is spiritual memory, the stuff our soul remembers at a deep subconscious level that we judge ourselves over. We then seek to recreate similar situations for the first portion of our lives.  Until the time of our first Saturn return around age 30, our lives are simply karmic reenactment.  This moon is a huge cosmic nudge to shed the old karmic self and embrace the new.  Those not awake to the call will be finding themselves on repeat, playing out the same story, sob story, sad story- just with a new cast of characters and setting.  We are chin deep in the waters of Pisces season right now; the energy of which connects us to our soul and our soul’s purpose.  As a collective we are (most of us), shifting our soul story.


We have a very intense Full Moon tonight indeed.  Five solar bodies are in a stellium in Pisces…holy gravity!  This stellium is akin to a spiritual pow wow of planets with the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron all in attendance.

What precisely are they convening to talk about?  They are hashing out the things in our life that need to shape up or be shipped out with this Pisces squall…

This meeting is parked directly opposite Virgo in the sky.  Virgo is wanting to interrupt and help illuminate how we really feel.  Big V is the litmus reality test urging us to examine what is in integrity or not in integrity with us.  Chiron is getting flagged down by nagging Virgo who wants to nitpick this thing and clean it the fudge up!  We are being pushed to look at our patterns and shed what is not working any longer once and for all.  Virgo is not playing this game anymore and wants Chiron to have her back with Chiron being the big chief of integrity.  The Universe is done with facades and is hammering hard on this integrity bit, urging us firmly into our Truth.

When the energy starts to ebb on Friday, after we’ve made huge breakthroughs and commitments, we may feel like a bunch of fish flip-flopping about on dry land!  We want to find that new, bigger, better pond but…

WTF?!  Now what?  Don’t slip backwards into those old, warm, karmic bathwaters.  If you’ve been diligent, all of the work spent planning and restructuring recently will be your life raft.  Virgo likes structure and organization…these are your oars, utilize them to keep your sights on the horizon and don’t look back.

Unfortunately (or serendipitously depending on how you perceive it), those who are not consciously choosing the liberty to leave self-sabotage and stay wallowing in the old karmic story may find intense change not of their choosing occuring.  Think huge accidents, break-ups, breakdowns, etc…

It is wise to keep an eye on fragile souls right now as people on the edge could be driven overboard.

In order to help us navigate the energy of this Full Moon, I have designed an actuation tarot spread based on the energies and elements presenting themselves at this time.  Take the time to set aside sacred time to check in with yourself so that you may best understand how to take this magic and move forward.  If you are throwing this spread on the night of the Full Moon, I wholeheartedly recommend following it up with some ecstatic dancing to amplify the positive energy.

Here is the spread:

full moon, virgo, tarot spread, holistic tarot


Here are the prompts related to the card numbers:


full moon, virgo, tarot spread, holistic tarot


I would love to here about your experience with this spread, please reach out and share!



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