Pluto Retrograde ~ Pony Up! Take the Plunge!

Oh nostalgia!  You’re so sugar sweet and indulgence worthy…

You’re also sticky and tricky…

Clinging onto an old story or persona is so safe and comforting. Until…somehow/someday/someway we are jolted into the realization we’ve been languishing in our comfy lounge wear so long that it’s begun to reek.  You look down to see cookie crumbs stuck to your adult onsie and it hits you-  you’ve been laying in bed for three days straight, marinating in said onsie, binge watching Netflix, and eating comfort food (which doubtfully translates to health food).

Totally the adult onsie you’d catch me in IF I ever fell into this space.

Yeah, the past is great, but we can’t live there.  Good times are good but we can’t ever relive them.

Seasons come for reasons. Crop rotation works for farmers because it keeps the fields from going fallow.  I guarantee if you decide to plant beans again the bean crop is going to suck.  Something new has to be nurtured now.

Pluto retrograde is here to help us accept the transition needing to happen here.  To bless the past and thank it, but to start welcoming in the next chapter.

If you truly took the time to put those times you are pining for under the microscope you might see the flaws.  Were you truly feeling complete or happy or were there gaping holes longing to be filled?  We have a funny way of romanticizing the past.

Sunday, April 22 was pivotal.  Retrograde points ARE pivotal as planets change direction.  I’m sure that you had some realizations or conversations the day Pluto went retrograde that made you realize it was time to retire your comfy flannels, put on something sharp, and get your ass out of the cave you’ve been dwelling in.  Old/outworn/outdated/obsolete… you aren’t that guy or gal anymore, that chapter of your life is over.  Where are you headed now?  Why are you dragging your feet?  Where are you afraid of commitment?  Why are you afraid of taking the plunge?

Pluto likes to challenge us to let go of the handle bars.  Why must we know everything and have all of the answers before taking a risk?  Why are we so prone to analysis paralysis?  Think of the times in your life where you discovered beauty in the breakdown.  When you were led by blind faith and knowing it was GOOD, was good enough to move on.

That’s where we BE(long).  There’s something magical when we place one foot in front of the other, just following the longing of our heart.  BE(ing) in the now and not needing to have it all figured out.  For some of the really big moments and decisions in life, we may never feel truly ready.  That never negates that it isn’t precisely what we need to unfold in our lives…

Sometimes we gotta pony up when the stakes are high and just TRUST.  We never get it wrong…

Sometimes messy, but NEVER wrong and ALWAYS beautiful.  A beautiful mess is a far cry better than a pointless perfection!

The choices being made now, the ones where you choose to dare greatly, get sown at the Scorpio Full Moon.  Expect an abundant harvest coming in for your effort.  BE(lieve) in what new gifts are coming to you by detangling from THAT story.

The new Ego is sprouting wings, it wants to scope out new territory.

It doesn’t want to hang in footie jammies forever.

No more playing it safe, no more living in the past, no more belittling your big, crazy dreams.  Don’t believe the voices telling you it’s impossible or crazy.

When elephants fly?  Show ’em!

Pony up and take that wild ride!  You’ll never regret it!

(As an aside, I also feel this Pluto retrograde is the gateway for the next wave of people experiencing ascension and the death/rebirth experience.  Much support will be needed from those who’ve gone before.)

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How are  you daring greatly right now?  Share with me in the comments below.



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