Saturn Retrograde and Chiron in Aries Tarot Spread

Today is a pretty intense day in the sky.  

Saturn is officially retrograde and Chiron is in Aries.  

Chiron in Pisces was learning lessons of spiritual integrity….since 2012 we’ve been transitioning through this energy.  Pretty wicked to reflect on the storyline of events since that time isn’t it?  

Today the focus turns to Ego integrity lessons.  In a nutshell, how to get our new Ego consciousness to work for us and not against us.  We’re going to get a little taste of that now as Chiron will dip back into Pisces later on.  We are cozying up to this new posture we are adopting in the world and like any relationship, it takes time to build rapport.  

Expect to flail a bit this week as we dismantle the old and integrate the new.  Keep that emotional backstop in place!  

Ultimately, as a collective we are working to elevate to a win-win dynamic vs. a win-lose impotence.  It all starts on the individual level.  Be the change internally and the outside world will begin to mirror.  

Saturn is now retrograde after bombarding us up close and personal with all the ways we played control games.  In retrograde we get to test out how to correctly use our power for good.  I see this period of Saturn retrograde as the, “do no harm, but take no shit” posture adoption.  With creativity and communication, elevated humans can come to innovative solutions to our most alarming issues.  T

This was the same energy present right before WWII and humanity chose wrong.  Let’s ascend that old paradigm shall we?  

Expect to deal with some final death throes of the old Ego…but knowing is half the battle…lay that beast to rest as peacefully as you can.  

Here’s a simple card spread to do this week:








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