Take a Photo a Day April 2017

Welcome to April!

How’s Project 365 treating you so far?  Have you managed to take a photo every day of 2017?  I’m pretty proud to say that I have risen to the challenge.  I’ve been consistent taking at least one photo every single day.

It’s interesting, once you have a couple of months behind you the story of your life fleshes out in photographs.  I can pick a random date and attempt to tell you what I did that day and fail miserably.  However, if I glance at a single shot taken that same day, not only do the details of that particular photo rush back in but so do a lot of the rest of the details of that day.

The power of an image is amazing!

So, without much fanfare, here is the inspirational prompt graphic for April 2017:



If you’re new to the blog you can learn about my memory keeping for 2017 here.

To see all of my photos from 2017 be sure to check out my Instagram feed.

Tell me all about your experiences so far with this project in the comments below.



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