Take a Photo a Day in 2017

Project 365

I’m challenging myself to take a photo per day this year!  I hope you’ll join me and commit to documenting your amazing life.

In order to keep myself inspired, I’ll be creating a monthly graphic with a daily prompt word to get you looking at your world a little differently.  You could take any approach to the list.  You could use the words literally or interpret them however you choose.


Heck!  You don’t even have to stick to the list, but it could help if you’re feeling uninspired.


Here is the graphic I created for January 2017 with daily photo prompts that I hope you’ll save and use to get your creative juices flowing:





I’ve done mini photo challenges in the past but nothing of this duration.  I’ve loved these past challenges because they help me to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.  They help me look at life from a different perspective.


Here’s a screen shot of some photos taken during a recent 30 day challenge:



It’s easy to take pictures of the big moments of life, but how often do you remember to capture the little details or the not so grand moments?  We also have the tendency to only photograph our happy moments and neglect documenting the not so pretty parts.




Your journey isn’t all unicorns and magic rainbows, your memory keeping shouldn’t be either!


In order to ensure I don’t forget about my commitment, I am setting a daily alarm on my phone and keeping the graphic on my phone where I can see it.

Check back in February and every other month in 2017 for your next set of prompts.  Click here for more information on my 2017 memory keeping plans.

I can’t wait to see the magic you create!



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