Take a Photo A Day March 2017

Two months down and I’m still loving Project 365!  I definitely found myself forgetting it until the end of the day on several occasions this month though. I think that is something to celebrate! A good sign that I’ve been much more mobile and active this month than I have been in several months struggling with a chronic illness.


I’m finding some days I’m super inspired and others I just take a photo to check it off as done, but both are OK with me. Interestingly enough, some of my favorite shots have been the ones where I just decided to get it done with little motivation.


The thing I’m loving the most right now about this project is that I get to reexamine this little piece of the planet I inhabit on the daily.

I mean, it’s pretty amazing where I live!



Homeschool Day 7: Photography Lab 1
Rainy Day at Bramble Fox Prep by Jessica Veilleux

I kind of live at camp year round…

I have a huge pond right out my back door, twenty-five acres of woods, and lots of garden space to explore.  There is no shortage of subjects to look at in a new light and the landscape changes by the day.

Just a few days ago the cardinals and bluejays made a reappearance so I’m hoping to catch their flighty faces with my camera soon.

Is anyone else experiencing an ultra early emergence of spring this year in your neck of the woods?  I photographed a huge tree in our front yard mid-month for the February prompt #bouquet only to catch a glimpse of a similar shot taken last year while doing some editing…the shot last year was taken in mid-March! Yikes! Boo to global warming but yay to early spring (not much of a winter fan).


So here we go with the inspirational graphic for March 2017!  I’m sorry the previous months were so tiny…I’m learning as I go here!



I hope you are getting a ton out of this project like I am.  If this is your first time stumbling on this project it is never too late to start!

Let me know how you are taking on this project in the comments below.

Have a wonderful March and Happy Vernal Equinox everyone.



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